The ONE THING That Impacts Baby's & Momma's Health & Fitness Results The Most Is NUTRITION.
The Right Nutrition Helps Control Piling of Pounds & Makes Postpartum Recovery Faster & Easier 
Figuring Out What Foods Are Nutritious For Baby & Also Helps Momma's Fitness Goals While Pregnant is hard!
After Working With Over 250,000 Pregnant Women, I've Found An Effective, Easy & DeliciousWay To Do This & Increase Energy & Prevent Nausea!

Best of all, the entire family can eat this way!
The ONE THING That Impacts Baby's & Momma's Health & Fitness Results The Most Is NUTRITION.
The Right Nutrition Helps Control Piling of Pounds & Makes Postpartum Recovery Faster & Easier!
Figuring Out What Foods Are Nutritious For Baby & Also Helps Momma's Fitness Goals While Pregnant is hard!


After Working With Over 200,000 Pregnant Women, I've Found An Effective, Easy & DeliciousWay To Do This & Increase Energy & Prevent Nausea!
Best of all, the entire family can eat this way!
Everything You Eat Right Now Affects Your Baby.
Here's How You Can Eat For A Healthy Baby While Feeling Like A Fit, Healthy & Glowing Momma!
Best of all, you won't be deprived!
How Amazing Would It Feel To Know You Are Doing What Is Best For Your Baby & That As A Result, You Also Get To Look & Feel Good, Confident & Proud Of Your Pregnancy Body.

It's Easy & I Show What To Eat & How Often!
Hey Momma!

If piling on the pounds is a concern, I got ya covered!

Maybe you have struggled with confidence before and you never really got to where you wanted with your body so right now you are freaking out.....  I feel ya!

I remember stressing over it..... I just wanted to be like one of those fit pregnant women that enjoy being pregnant and bounce right back.

Are you worried you may never get your body back?

It took me years to finally feel good about myself and my body and when I got pregnant I thought it would all go down the drain.

But I did it, I followed this nutrition plan..... I felt healthy, fit, confident and proud.... I also lost all my baby weight quickly.

I know you can do it too :)

What about the baby...... Are you stressing over that?

"I just want a healthy baby", I remember saying that daily!

Did you know that what you eat right now can affect the health of your baby?
This Is Perfect For Momma's Who....
Which One Of These Is You?
  •  Never reached their health & fitness goals before getting pregnant & now want to be proactive.
  •  Still had some weight to lose and BAM, now pregnant and feeling hopeless about getting in shape.
  •  Never felt really confident but want to be a confident and fit mom.
  •  Always worked out and were in great shape but have heard horror stories about pregnancy would like to do everything possible to have a healthy and fit pregnancy and recover postpartum.
You Can Have A Healthy & Fit Pregnancy No Matter How You Feel Right Now! 
No Matter What Trimester...
Guess what?

It's NEVER too late to start eating healthier.

You can fight the odds against you and have a super healthy and fit pregnancy, no matter how you are feeling right now!
Even if food aversions, morning sickness, nausea, no energy...
Struggles Women Have As A Result Of Pregnancy
  • They Struggle To Get Their Body Back Post-Baby.  
  •  They Lose Confidence.....Energy...... Enthusiasm.
  • They Hide Their Body In Baggy Pants & Loose Shirts & Never Wear "Normal" Clothes Again.
  •  They Feel Insecure With Their Spouses & It Affect Their Marriage.
  •   They Use Negative Self Talk & Say Things Like "I Am Disgusted With Myself".
  •  They Lose All Hope Of Ever Getting In Shape & Feeling Good About Themselves.

You Need More Information On Pregnancy Nutrition Because It Can Affect Your Baby!
It's no wonder most women gain too much weight during pregnancy.

Doctors don't educate us enough on the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and how much of WHAT YOU EAT affects not just the way you look, but your BABY.

Which was the main reason I created this Pregnancy Diet Plan which I followed myself and felt and looked great in both my pregnancies and had gorgeous healthy babies.

I was so upset that DOCTORS don't give enough importance to how much diet/nutrition can really impact mama and baby.....
They just tell us..... "eat less", "eat healthier", "you're gaining too much"...

Well..... how about give me some detailed information!! 

So I put together my 20 + years in the fitness and health industry with my 8 + years experience with pregnancy and women (over 50,000 + to date) and created something amazing to help you & your baby during this pregnancy.
You totally CAN BE one of those super healthy and fit prego's, even if you don't think you have it in you..... Even if you are tired and sick and don't feel motivated, even if you're half way through pregnancy!

I have worked with over 50,000 women who didn't think they could and THEY DID!

If you can commit to following this nutrition plan, you will look & feel great, people will compliment you, and you will be happy and proud of your pregnancy body and how fast you will be able to bounce back.   

You will be increasing your chances of having a HEALTHY BABY & less pregnancy-induced complications!

I did it & I want to show YOU how!
I know  you are feeling tired all the time, sick...... and you want to be one of those super healthy and fit prego's, but you just don't know if you have it in you. 


But I promise, if you just focus on your eating, it won't be hard and you will lose ALL your baby weight in just a few weeks, like I did.

I just don't want you to end up regretting not doing something about it........
If I Can Do It , You Can Too - All The Problems I Had!
  •  Placenta Previa and bed rest for 4 months.
  •  A full blown fracture of my big toe at 7 months (on crutches).
  •  The Flu.
  •  I was told baby could have down syndrom, spinal bifida & more genetic diseases.
  •  Pregnancy Induced Hypothyroidism
So many things ran through my head....... I could have totally just marinated in negative feelings and just said screw it!

But one thing was for certain............ I wanted to create a healthy environment for my baby to grow in.

I also wanted to look healthy & fit..... I didn't want to  suffer for years to try to take the pounds off.

**I was determined.**
**I was motivated.**
**I was inspired.**

At that point I knew that focusing on my NUTRITION would give me the best results, so I created the Michelle Marie Pregnancy Diet Plan.  

And I am beyond happy to share it with you because I know that you don't want to gain a ton of weight, I know you want to create the healthiest environment for your baby and I know how much you will appreciate being able to lose all your baby weight quickly because you didn't gain a ton of weight.
"How YOU Can Have A Healthy & Fit Pregnancy Like I Did"
I Discovered There Was An Easy Way To Look & Feel Good While Having A Healthy Baby At The Same Time!
Delicious Meals For A Healthy Baby & Fit Pregnancy Body You Can Be Proud Of!
You probably LOVE FOOD & LOVE TO EAT......... just like ME.

Did you know if you eat more (of the healthy foods), you can get better results? 

I love to eat, I'm a foodie, so I was afraid that during pregnancy, I would eat everything in sight.

I was feeling......

**Hungry all the time**
**Craving comforting food**

But after researching pregnancy, nutrition and the body, I took my love of food & cooking knowledge and made myself the best freakin' meal plan ever! 

I had such an amazing pregnancy, people complimented me all the time and I felt so proud.......that I needed to share it with more women.

I don't want you to look back and not have enjoyed your pregnancy because you didn't like the way you looked and felt.

Not when you can control it and with meals that are so easy to make, delicious, & comforting you won't feel deprived!

The biggest benefit ......... you'll be giving your baby all the nutrients he/she needs.
A Delicious, Healthy & Easy To Follow Nutrition Plan To Help Moms Have A Fit & Healthy Pregnancy & Baby.... & Bounce Back Quickly Postpartum!
I am now sharing the Pregnancy Specific Nutrition Plan that helped me & THOUSANDS of pregnant women have healthy, confident, radiant pregnancies, be able to bounce back quickly & have healthy  babies. 
You're gonna love it & it was created from ONE FOOD LOVING MOMMA to another.

And if you are thinking....... 

What the heck, I'm pregnant, that's my excuse to EAT!

Think again..... please please please, think again.

It's not worth it, it won't just make you feel heavy and out of shape, which will affect you FOREVER, but it will negatively affect YOUR BABY!

Every woman I've encountered that didn't care about what they ate while pregnant, ended up REGRETTING it!
What's Included
  • Detailed Meal Plans you can easily stick to.
  •  Meals include foods you "should eat" during pregnancy & omits the foods you need to "stay away" from so there is no confusion.
  •  Structure so you can easily follow along and don't feel "OVERWHELMED".
Recipe Cards
Recipe Cards
  • Comforting meals that are healthy so you feel energized and happy.
  •  Quick & Easy recipes using "normal" ingredients you probably already have at home.
  •  On the go meals to make your life easier since your energy isn't high.
  •  Meals that are filling so you feel satisfied.
  •  Tons of delicious snack ideas and recipes so you are never hungry nor ever feel sick.
Shopping Lists
Shopping Lists
  • Printable shopping lists to make your shopping faster and easier.
  •  All foods and ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.
  •  Saves you time so you only go to the grocery store once per week.

Limited Time Bundle Bonus

  • Swap out recipes to use in your pregnancy diet plan.
  •  Over 300 healthy and nutritious meals you can use even after pregnancy.
  •  Easy to make and few ingredients.
Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What If I'm A Picky Eater?
The meal plan has so much variation, you are sure to find meals you love.  And if you have any questions, you can always email me for modifications.  All of the recipes are super easy to modify.
What If I Don't Have A Lot Of Time To Cook?
All the meals are made in less than 30 minutes and are all super simple.

Investing a little time in cooking will really pay off by helping you gain less pregnancy weight.
Will I Have To Give Up All My Favorite Foods, I Love To Eat!
Don't worry, I would never tell you to do that, you will have plenty leeway, I will explain how to gain less weight without deprivation.
Will It Cost Too Much?
Nope!!  I know you're trying to save right now, it's only $27, a small investment that will be so worth it at such a crucial time in your life.  Invest in you and your baby, I promise you won't regret it.  If ever you make an investment on yourself, it should be NOW!
What Do I Do If I'm Vegan or Dairy-Free?
The recipes are so easy and simple that you can modify most of them and if you are not sure how, you can always contact me and I will guide you.
I Work A Lot, Will I Still Be Able To Do This?
Yes, I will show you how to plan and prep so you can do this easily.  You will actually feel more organized and prepared once you are following it.
I Don't Have A Lot Of Time, Can Hubby & Kids Follow This Too?
Yes, Yes & Yes!
I actually get tons of emails telling me how much the entire family loves the meals.
It will actually be so good for EVERYONE.
What If I Don't Know How To Cook?
As long as you know how to read and follow instructions you will do just fine.  
I have had tons of moms tell me they found a new love for cooking after following this meal plan....... 
As a mother of 2, I know how important it is for us to give our children the best and for me...........

It started in the womb!

I'm excited for you to start following my Pregnancy Nutrition Plan so you too can also give your children the best nutrients possible.

I can't wait to hear how good it makes you feel and how much it helps you look and feel good and confident with your pregnancy body.

It was life changing for me, and I hope it is for you too.

I hope you and your family enjoy the meals as much as we did!
Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!

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